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The key to pain & injury is simple - breathe 


Breathing assessment

- Biomechanical Analysis

- VO2 Analysis

- Biochemical Assessment 

- Pattern Testing

- Pain & Injury Profile


Movement Assessment

- Biomechanical Analysis

- Left AIC Assessment

- Chronic Pain Assessment

- Injury Profiling

- Gait & Posture Analysis


Performance Assessment

- VO2max Testing

- SMO2 measures

- Biometric Data

- Energetic Limiter Assessment

- Biomechanical Analysis

By combining the principles of movement with the science of breathing, we have developed a program that resolves pain and injury by targeting three areas:


We establish how your pattern of breathing is affecting movement and creating areas of compression and compensation within the body


We identify how your pattern of breathing affects energy production and causes fatigue, increasing the likelihood of injury


We Assess the influence of your breath on your nervous system, and its affect on stress, cognition and the pain experience

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breathe well.
move well.

Initial Consultation - Breathing & Movement Assessment Programs

Description: The initial consultation involves comprehensive movement and breathing assessment, and in-depth education on the underlying cause of your condition. We then seek to restore normal breathing and movement to the body in order to resolve your condition and symptoms.

Programs vary in duration, from as little as 2-3 weeks up to 12 weeks, depending on your movement goals

Initial Consult: 60 mins             Subsequent consult: 45 mins

Cost: 154 inc. GST                         Cost: 110 inc. GST

We no longer accept private health

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pain & injury


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unlock resilience

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